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A sandbox of data and services to foster your creativity and business.

Best Imagery on Earth

Get access to the best satellite imagery of the Earth. With its constellation of satellites, Airbus Defence and Space provides Earth imagery in various sizes, bands, resolutions and revisit styles.

Unleash your creativity

Content and services available under this initiative are provided to you at no cost and under a very flexible license. We will help you use the same content and services under a commercial license if you want to start you own business.

All about Apps and API

No need to learn too much about satellite and Earth observation theory and techniques. All of our services are provided under fast and easy to use APIs. You can concentrate on building the best App on Earth!

Built with Love

All of our products are crafted with care, and we strive to make your experience, as well as the one of your future customers, the best as possible.

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What we offer through this initiative

This platform is a place to experiment, share and partner.


  • Use simple cloud services
  • Innovate with machine learning
  • Create apps and analytics


  • Get feedback from users
  • Participate in hackathons
  • Exchange with your peers


  • Get access to premium content
  • Deliver new business value
  • Go jointly to market


The following datasets have been made available to enable change detection analysis and other processing based on machine learning. All datasets are available for developers, remote sensing experts, data scientists and anyone else who cares about the Earth.

  • All
  • API
  • Change Detection
  • Machine Learning

  • Agriculture
  • Smart Cities
  • Maritime
  • Forestry
#BR-01 Sao Paulo, Brazil SPOT images of Sao Paulo taken every month since June 2015. to monitor orban growth
#FR-01 Toulouse, France Over 40 Pleiades images of Toulouse over 3 years. This content is delivered as small overlapping JPEG tiles (as WMTS stream).
#FR-02 Toulouse DEM WorldDEM (TM) digital elevation data of Toulouse   for urban applications.
#US-04 San Francisco, USA Four high-resolution images of San Francisco @50cm together with some open-data ressources
#FR-03 Paris, France High resolution radar images (TerraSAR-X) of Paris for monitoring and urban applications 
#API-01 Cloud Catalog API Search Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, Pleiades and SPOT imagery with an single API and access directly to imagery.
#DETECT-01 Aircrafts ML Dataset Machine learning dataset for aircrafts
#DETECT-02 Ships ML Dataset Machine learning dataset for ships
#DETECT-03 Vehicules ML Dataset Machine learning dataset for cars and trucks
#US-01 SPOT California Coverage
For agriculture analytics @1.50m imagery
#US-03 DMC California Coverage
For agriculture analytics and change detection
#API-02 OneAtlas for Innovation Fresh satellite imagery available as WMTS services for display in online maps and mobile apps.
#MAR-01 OneAtlas for Maritime Fresh satellite imagery available over the Northern Mediterranean Sea to develop martime applications.

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